Giving is what Christians do.  We give of our time, talents, resource, and witness.  As United Methodists our financial giving not only helps our local church but through our apportionment system each local church is able to be part of our world wide ministries and missions.

To make a secure, one-time or recurring gift, click the link below and follow the simple instructions! For enhanced security, you’ll verify your identity with your cell phone number.


Another way of giving is through Texting –

Securely make a gift by texting GIVE to 641-329-0081. You’ll be asked to register if it’s your first time. Don’t forget to save our giving number in your phone! You can always text EDIT to update your information, set up a recurring gift, and check the status of a gift.

Each time you give, you can designate where your gift is going (i.e. Gen’l Church Offering, Memorials, Apportionments, etc.).   During your initial setup of your account you where asked a location where your gift was to go.   This location is fixed unless you change it before you give your next gift.   This is done by going into your account settings.  This can be done whether you are Texting or using the website to make you gift.

All sensitive financial information is stored with the highest bank level security. Your phone number will never be sold, traded, or given to third parties. You will only be texted to confirm your giving.